Counter strike indir

Skins are of good quality but important changes relate to partial translation of the game.

He brings the text 's, models , skins and new sounds . Background is very well done and this makes me prefer this cs 1.6

These changes bring extra graphics and pleasure to play something new. This cs is popular and is in the top 3 cs -uri downloaded from this site .

The game is translated into Romanian . Not translated all but for those who do not know lb . English is a plus. I recommend this kit especially if you love your country.

Counter strike indir - The menu has changed and the gameplay is very good . Cs- runs well on older computers and if you find a good server as you can have fun .

The game does not lag, goes well, has bots and find internet servers . You have these options integrated in this kit, if you like this cs you would like to recommend to other friends on messenger or facebook .

Counter strike indir fast and enjoyable game !

Counter strike 1.6 indir

Counter strike indir

System Requirements:

Processor: 1.5 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video Card : 32 MB
Hard Space : 700 MB

counter strike indir

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